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20-11-2009 |Production Base

Our Company specializes in the production of plastic model kits, but our all round specialization allows us to produce any item from polymers. We can develop any product from start to finish.

Our development group produces high quality details, our designers and sculptors produce the master models and our tooling group produces the machinery necessary to produce the kits.
We are proud of our specialists. They are the foundation of our success.

Quality control is a maximum priority through all stages of production, which results in products of the finest caliber.
Company machines:
Universal machining centres
EDM machines
Injection molding machines

Our novelties:
   Already on sale

Stearman PT-17/N2S-3 Kaydet , American Training Aircraft (100% new molds)Art.: 32050
 Scale: 1:32
BM-13-16 on W.O.T. 8 chassis, WWII Soviet MLRSArt.: 35591
 Scale: 1:35
I-153 with Soviet Pilots (1939-1942)Art.: 32013
 Scale: 1:32
Wight (100% new molds)Art.: 16203
 Scale: 1:16
Battle of Kursk (July 1943) (T-34-76 (early 1943), Pak 36(r ) with Crew (4 figures))Art.: DS3505
 Scale: 1:35
Cessna O-2A Skymaster, American Reconnaissance Aircraft (100% new molds)Art.: 48290
 Scale: 1:48
B-26С-50 Invader, Korean War American BomberArt.: 48284
 Scale: 1:48

   Soon on sale

Model T 1913 Speedster with American Sport Car DriversArt.: 24026
 Scale: 1:24
American Civil War Confederate Infantry (100% new molds)Art.: 35021
 Scale: 1:35
AC-40-137A, Soviet Firetruck (100% new molds)Art.: 35519
 Scale: 1:35
American Civil War Union Infantry (100% new molds)Art.: 35020
 Scale: 1:35
Chernobyl#3. Rubble cleaners (5 figures)Art.: 35903
 Scale: 1:35

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