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Nuremberg 2012

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ICM - Recommends

19-07-2010 |Mustang P-51K - WWII American Fighter
Mustang P-51K - WWII American Fighter
The legendary P-51 Mustang was one of the best fighter aircraft of the WWII period.

MODEL KIT No 48154
Scale: 1:48

Aeroproducts propeller and larger Dallas type canopy are included. 2 versions decal shett included.

16-07-2010 |Bf 109F-4/R6 - WWII German Fighter
Bf 109F-4/R6 - WWII German Fighter

MODEL KIT No 48107
Scale: 1:48

Arguably the most famous fighter of WWII was the German Messerschmitt Bf 109.

The model kit includes two containers with MG 151/15 machine guns.
2 versions decal sheet included.

16-07-2010 |Spitfire Mk. VIII - WWII British Fighter
Spitfire Mk. VIII - WWII British Fighter

MODEL KIT No 48067
Scale: 1:48

The British fighter Spitfire - one of the "flying legends" of World War II.
Highly detailed engine and cockpit interior.
2 RAF Spitfire VIII versions decal sheet included.

15-07-2010 |Soviet Air-to-Ground Aircraft Armament
Soviet Air-to-Ground Aircraft Armament

MODEL KIT No 72213
Scale: 1:72

In mid-80 there were designed Soviet air-to-ground air armaments of the new generations.
Details for the assembly of 4 X-29T, 4 X-31P, 4 X-59M missiles, 8 KAB-500Kr guided bombs, 4 B-13L and 4 B-8M1 rocket blocks and also APK-9-container and AKU-58-1 launchers are included.
This set intends for Su-24 M, Su-27/Su-30 and MiG-29 aircraft families models.

15-07-2010 |Soviet Air-to-Air Aircraft Armament
Soviet Air-to-Air Aircraft Armament
MODEL KIT No 72212
Scale: 1:72

In mid-80 there were designed Soviet air-to-air air-launched missiles of the fourth generation.
This set intends for Su-27/Su-30 and MiG-29 fighters families models.
Details for the assembly of 6 R-27ER, 2 R-27ET, 6 R-77, 6-R 73 missiles and also APU-470, AKU-470, APU-170 and APU-73-1D launchers are included.

14-07-2010 |U-boat Type XXVIIB Seehund (late) WWII German Midget Submarine
U-boat Type XXVIIB Seehund (late) WWII German Midget Submarine

Scale: 1:72

The Seehund (“Seal”) was the most effective of German midget submarines. Up to the end of war there were built 285 units.

This particular kit is the very first attempt of ICM to release Seehund plastic kit in 1:72 scale into the market.
The kit includes optional details. 2 versions decal sheet included.

Our novelties:
   Already on sale

Model W.O.T. 6, WWII British Truck (100% new molds)Art.: 35507
 Scale: 1:35
C18S \Art.: 48186
 Scale: 1:48
Pz.Kpfw. 747 T-34 (r), WWII German Medium TankArt.: 35370
 Scale: 1:35
American Motorists (1910 s)Art.: 24013
 Scale: 1:24
Lastkraftwagen 3,5 t AHN with German DriversArt.: 35418
 Scale: 1:35
Gallipoli (1915)Art.: DS3501
 Scale: 1:35
MiG-25 RB, Soviet Reconnaissance PlaneArt.: 72173
 Scale: 1:72

   Soon on sale

Standard B \Art.: 35651
 Scale: 1:35
Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) with CDM turret, WWII German Armoured VehicleArt.: 35377
 Scale: 1:35
He 111H-20, WWII German BomberArt.: 48264
 Scale: 1:48
IDF K-9 Unitz \Art.: 16102
 Scale: 1:16
I-153, WWII China Guomindang AF FighterArt.: 72076
 Scale: 1:72
Bücker Bü 131D Axis WWIIArt.: D3201
 Scale: 1:32

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