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Nuremberg 2012

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Art.: 72541
Scale: 1/72

ZiL-157Army Truck
One of the most well known in the world Soviet vehicles is ZiL-157 truck with high cross-country capabilities. ZiL-157 has developed at the design bureau in 1958 attached to the Likhachov automobile factory in Moscow. High exploitation qualities of ZiL-157 truck made it an excellent base model for various army vehicles – fuel trucks, command and staff mobile posts , radio and radar stations, transport and launchers for anti-aircraft missiles, medical cars, multiple launch rocket systems. ZiL-157 trucks were in service with Soviet and Warsaw Pact armies, armed forces in Africa, Asia and Near East and were widely used in various local conflicts of 50s – 70s.

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Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B King Tiger (late production) with full interior, WWII German Heavy TankArt.: 35364
 Scale: 1:35
WWI Russian Maxim MG Team (2 figures)  (100% new molds)Art.: 35698
 Scale: 1:35
He 111H-3, WWII German Bomber (100% new molds)Art.: 48261
 Scale: 1:48
S.W.A.T. Team Fighter  (100% new molds)Art.: 24101
 Scale: 1:24
Sd.Kfz.261, German Radio Communication VehicleArt.: 48194
 Scale: 1:48
Panhard 178 with French Armoured Vehicle CrewArt.: 35381
 Scale: 1:35
ZiL-131 MTO-AT, Soviet Recovery TruckArt.: 35520
 Scale: 1:35

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