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Nuremberg 2012

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WWII Soviet Multiple Launch Rocket System The most famous WWII Soviet MLRS was BM-13-16N, nicknamed “Katyusha”. These vehicles were in service in Guard mortar units since April 1943. BM-13 was a formidable weapon loved by own soldiers and feared by enemies.

Art.: 35512
Scale: 1/35
Views: 17110 comments (3) more
Bf109F-4R6Probably the most famous fighter of WWII was German Messerschmitt Bf 109.

Art.: 48106
Scale: 1/48
Views: 14069 comments (7) more
Spitfire Mk.IX
Spitfire Mk.IXThe ICM set included model of Spitfire IX of the British ace Sqn. J. Plagis (15+2 victories) and seven figures – three pilots, three mechanics one WREN of WWII British Royal Air Force with dog figure and airfiel equipment.. ICM Spitfire IX kit is in the most precision copy of this aircraft in 1:48 scale.

Art.: 48801
Scale: 1/48
Views: 11878 comments (6) more
He 70G-1
He 70G-1The ICM model in scale 1:72 is the most precise copy of the plane He 70. The model was issued by the famous Ukrainian modeler Valentin Muchichko, who used the original drawings.

Art.: 72233
Scale: 1/72
Views: 8782 comments (0) more
Bf 109E-4
Bf 109E-4The model represents the company's ICM Bf 109E-4 of NJG 1 (night fighter squadron) aircraft of Germany in a non-standard black color. Model Bf 109E production ICM is the most exact replica of the aircraft on a scale of 1:72.

Art.: 72134
Scale: 1/72
Views: 8915 comments (0) more
He 70F-2
He 70F-2Heinkel He 70 became one of the first high-speed planes that were appeared in the beginning of 30s. He 70 was designed by Gunther brothers by the order of the Lufthansa Company for new passenger aircraft.

Art.: 72231
Scale: 1/72
Views: 10800 comments (0) more
Mig-25 PD
Mig-25 PDIn the end of 60s in the Mikoyan design bureau it has developed the world’s first fighter interceptor with speed of 3M – the MiG-25. The most perfect modification MiG-25 PD was produced in 1978-1984.

Art.: 72171
Views: 17747 comments (0) more
Hs 126A
Hs 126AWWII German Reconnaissance Plane

Art.: 48211
Scale: 1/48
Views: 6451 comments (0) more
I-16 type 28
I-16 type 28WWII Soviet Fighter
I-16 – the world’s first high-speed fighter and the most numerous Soviet aircraft in mid 30s-early 40s period. The cantilever monoplane with retractable chassis I-16 has designed by N. N. Polikarpov in 1933.

Art.: 72073
Scale: 1/72
Views: 7853 comments (1) more
I-16 type 18
I-16 type 18WWII Soviet Fighter
I-16 – the world’s first high-speed fighter and the most numerous Soviet aircraft in mid 30s-early 40s period.

Art.: 72072
Scale: 1/72
Views: 7722 comments (3) more

Our novelties:
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Taxi de la Marne (1914), French Car (100% new molds)Art.: 35659
 Scale: 1:35
VVS RKKA Pilots (1939-1942р.) (3 figures) (100% new molds)Art.: 32102
 Scale: 1:32
RKKA Drivers (1943-1945) (2 figures) (100% new molds)Art.: 35643
 Scale: 1:35
MiG-25 RBF, Soviet Reconnaissance PlaneArt.: 48904
 Scale: 1:48
T-34-85 with Soviet Tank RidersArt.: 35369
 Scale: 1:35
I-153, WWII Soviet Fighter (100% new molds)Art.: 32010
 Scale: 1:32
Do 17Z-2, WWII Finnish BomberArt.: 48246
 Scale: 1:48

   Soon on sale

Night King (100% new molds)Art.: 16201
 Scale: 1:16
S.W.A.T. Team Fighter №4Art.: 24104
 Scale: 1:24
Ju 88С-6, WWII German Heavy FighterArt.: 48238
 Scale: 1:48
Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.A with German InfantryArt.: 35103
 Scale: 1:35

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