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28-11-2011|76,2 mm F-22, WWII Soviet Divisional Gun
76,2 mm F-22, WWII Soviet Divisional Gun
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76,2 mm F-22, WWII Soviet Divisional Gun

MODEL KIT No 35702
Scale: 1:35

72,6 mm divisional gun F-22 was designed in KB-92 under V.G. Grabin control and adopted by Red Army in 1936. There were produced 2932 guns F-22.
This gun had good ballistic characteristics, but vas too heavy and complicate for the mass productions.
In 1941-1942 the large amount of F-22 guns was captured by German army.
Highly detailed mounting, cradle and laying mechanisms. Possibility of assembling in combat or transport variants.

76,2 mm F-22, WWII Soviet Divisional Gun

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#1 Author: NikitoS (13 июня 2011 20:06)

Registration: 7.02.2011
А она ведь, по-идее, должна быть похожа на 7,62 см Рак 36(r).
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